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Don’t Call It Quits!

For The Love of Fashion (NYC MET Gala 2022 Poll)

okay, i just HAD to make this a blog post! high fashion and just style in general is one of my favorite things i love in life! pulling an outfit together everyday that i feel confident and my best in gives me the opportunity to express myself. if you’re the same way, let’s be friends! […]

A Letter To The Dreamer:

yes, you read the title right. if you’re in a place right now where you feel directionless or discouraged, keep reading… i felt this weight of discouragement today out of nowhere that led to me processing things that haven’t been on my mind in awhile, and i knew that God was trying to tell me […]

Face to Face

oh just to be face to face with my Father. that is my cores desire. there’s nothing i want more than for my heart and my soul to be tethered to His. i feel this at its peak when i stay off my phone for a good 20-30 minutes. it’s an exercise i train my […]

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