Don’t Call It Quits!

God doesn’t lead us to dead ends. He doesn’t lead us through waste either. if you have your own relationship with God, this is truth you must believe. wherever you’re at in your life, God is sustaining and preparing you for your next season. nothing is wasted. all the work and effort you’ve put and are putting in, is not wasted.

in the next few weeks, you’re going to look back and be so proud you put in the effort and you’ll immediately begin to see the growth in areas you can’t see now that’ll blow you away.

don’t call it quits. God’s got you and your season.

you may be confused and have a lot of questions right now, but it doesn’t end here. God is never short on His love, His grace, His mercy, His gifts. God always has more. this is only the beginning.

because He’s in love with you, there’s no doubt in His mind that He doesn’t care about your season. there’s always a reason why He’s placed you where you’re at. if you’re looking for any answer, just ask Him. He will answer. He’s always speaking.

i feel that everything is about to make sense to you. these last 4-5 months, the confusion or doubt you’ve had over your mind and your future, you’ll begin to see clearly, the fog will clear, you will gain clarity, and your heart will leap with hope! in the next 1-2 months, this will happen and things will start to make sense. just you wait.

over your worries, fears, doubts, Jesus wants to know your heart, even though He knows it already. He knows you more than you know yourself, and even then, He still wants to get to know you. He’s never bored of who you are. It’s His desire, it’s in His nature, to know you.

take a deep breath today. remember you are not identified by your flaws, your talents, people, or culture. say out loud, “Jesus, anything that has come between you and i, i release to you right now. today, i ask that by your Holy Spirit, you would take my hand and instill peace and grace over my entire being as i walk through today. there is no limit to the love you have for me. thank you for wanting to be close to me. thank you for desiring the best for me , everyday. come into my heart today. you’re my first love , and always will be. thank you for loving me. i love you, Jesus.”

what has held you down, is His now! you are more than capable for today!!! 💪🏼💪🏼💪🏼

2 responses to “Don’t Call It Quits!”

  1. I needed this badly TODAY!! It was straight from Father God for me! Thank you soooo much!! I love you soooo much, Sophalanda

    Liked by 1 person

    1. ahhhh mom!!! i love the Father and how He works 😭 so happy you were blessed. i love you so much too!!!❤️


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