A Letter To The Dreamer:

yes, you read the title right.

if you’re in a place right now where you feel directionless or discouraged, keep reading…

i felt this weight of discouragement today out of nowhere that led to me processing things that haven’t been on my mind in awhile, and i knew that God was trying to tell me something.

(don’t know what it is about mondays, but they sure get crazy sometimes!! you’re not alone🤪).

so if you’re in a place of discouragement about some situation, your future, your dreams, your community, anything, i want to tell you that God really really cares.

i read a line in this book called “Dreaming With God” by Bill Johnson that really spoke to me, and it says,

“If it matters to you, it matters to Him.”

reading this book led me to catch a better perspective of who God is with my dreams! a truer perspective. it led me to a place of just wanting to glorify God with my “works” , my “plans” , my “dreams”…. everything!!!!!

we can think “well, that’s just easier said than done.” and i don’t have a doubt that it is! but, we’ve got to remind ourselves that when we are discouraged if our dream will ever happen, or if we’ll ever be where we want to be, that God’s intention is for our hearts to be in a place of glorifying the One who originally gave us that dream and that passion!

He doesn’t just want to fulfill that dream, He wants our trust in Him and relationship with Him to be built and our capacity to be stretched to handle even greater dreams! even those “secret desires” of our hearts, the ones we forget about. ❤️

His intention is to bless us abundantly to give Him glory from the awe and wonder we have of Him!! He’s a Life Giver , a generous God who doesn’t withhold anything from us!

i encourage you, if it matters to you, it matters to Him.

give Him glory with your dream, your heart and your whole life, and i promise you, He will direct you!

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