About Sophia

Hey friends!

I’m Sophia, and I’m a wife to my amazing husband, Miller! I’m from a growing small town called Franklin, TN which is where we currently live! I love style, writing songs, encouraging people, and, … I’m a sweet tooth. 🤩 I love NYC, anywhere that has a beach, and just traveling in general. I discovered my love for writing when I was 15 when I started writing songs. Since then, I’ve loved writing about what’s on my heart for others!

I call this blog One & Only, simply because I believe there’s something pretty special about there being only one you. Whether you believe it or not, you were designed for a purpose. You were never made to survive, you are made to thrive! You were never made to “get by”, you are made to stand tall and live an abundant, healthy life! You were created with the intention to confidently live as the person God originally made you to be, and this blog is a place to guide you, encourage you, and empower you to do just that!

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