Who Are We Dwelling On?

keep your thoughts captive. don’t let your mind run too fast. take time to love yourself at a higher quality than you have before. it’ll be easier to love others at a higher quality too. you don’t have to apologize for taking the time to love yourself better. everyone needs a refresh and a reset. when something or someone is bothering me in person, or when i scroll through social media, the enemy takes every chance he can get to enhance that “thing” in my mind and my heart, until i entirely lose focus on what actually matters. and what actually matters most is WHO i am, WHO the person God sees me as, and how i VALUE myself. it’s not wrong, selfish or entitled of me to value the person God has created me to be. and that goes for the one who is reading this too!

if you’re someone who loves taking photos with your friends or of your coffee or making recap reels of your road-trips, you’re probably someone who has instagram 🥳 and you’re most likely someone who can’t escape it! (which is, not wrong). i’m this person! i LOVE instagram. i love sharing my life, my husband, who i’m with, who i know, where i’m going, just anything that i’m proud of, i love to share!

but sometimes, it can get the worst of me. it can get my anxiety to another level. anyone else? yeah, i can guarantee it has.

this morning after my pilates class, i checked every single text and scrolled through instagram and my mind starting racing and getting into productivity / ambition mode.

God stopped me, and that had allowed me to take a step outside of my screen, and hear God ask me this very question:

what are you dwelling on?

He asked me an even scarier question: who are you dwelling on?

i came to a hault, and it led me to evaluate what and who i had been dwelling on.

i feel God is wanting to reset and refresh our minds with this question: who are we dwelling on? is it someone your trying to please with answering their text that very second? is it some girl you’ve never met that happens to look “flawless” in every photo she posts? is it that guy who’s mutual friends with that guy who treated you poorly? is it some CEO of a company that “stole” your idea you had confidently created a plan about years ago? are these the kinds of people you’ve been dwelling on?

yeah, i’ve been here too, literally this morning. and i feel God wanting to lock His eyes with mine. His intention is not to shame us or make us feel guilty for locking eyes with the worlds perspective. His only intention is that He desires our minds and our hearts to be entirely set on His! only because He LOVES us! and He LOVES you as you are! and as His child!

whoever or whatever is allowing hesitancy in your heart to be yourself, to stay focused on your day to day life, or to even start your dream business, i suggest you do whatever your comfortable with to “unfollow” the distraction. hide or mute or even unfollow them if you have to.

God desires us to be ourselves and live our best life! and there’s an ease to do this when our gaze and attention is on Jesus because that’s when our freedom and joy has its full potential in our hearts and lives! i’ve literally felt strength and length in my body, my heart and my soul from allowing just my gaze to be fully on Him!

give your heart and mind a reset today, shift your focus to what really matters and let God handle the rest. ❤️

One response to “Who Are We Dwelling On?”

  1. Yes yes yes and amen!! You are speaking Jesus’ heart sooo clearly!!


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